Purple bauhinia, neelathiruvathi


Description: Live Healthy plant along with 5inches Diameter plastic pot plants height with pot is 1-3 feet Outdoor plant, keep it in semi sunlight, watering daily Tree grows upto 30 feet, it has lots of medicinal value
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Common Name : Purple bauhinia
Botanical Name : Bauhinia purpurea
Hindi : Kaniar कनियार
Kannada : ಕಂಚುವಾಳ Kanchuvaala
Tamil : ಕಂಚಿವಾಳ Kanchivaala
ಕಂಚವಾಳ Kanchavaala
ಕಂಚಾಳ Kanchaalaநீலத்திருவத்தி Nilattiruvatti
Medicinal Use :Diabetes, suitable for shiva devotees

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