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About Medicinal Live

MedicinalLive.com aims to reach rare medicinal plants to a common man. Puhazenthi Ramachandran founded MedicinalLive.com in order to truly organise all local herbal and medicinal nurseries in Online platform. Prior to starting up, the duo spent nearly 4 years doing field study and explored herbal plants from most of the herbal hills. We were identified more than 3000 plus medicinal plants and recorded. Currently we are having 1000 plus collections in our farm. Our farm is at Kelamangala-Hosur. We have visited almost all herbal nurseries in tamilnadu, Karnataka and kerala. MedicinalLive is an online platform, aims to add processes to the local nurseries buying and selling system. The top team consists of botany guides, who give the customers in-depth knowledge of the plants and their medicinal uses. 

The customers can search plants according to their requirements as well as diseases. Core team backgrounds Puhazenthi Ramachandran has over 15 years of corporate experience in sales and marketing in MNCs like Kerry Foods(London). He was a part timer in London Kew Garden as a plant guide. He was able to explore lots of plants in kew garden. He has holding degrees BE, MBA, MS(London). He owns Data Analytics Company as well as MedicinalLive.com. Kannan was roped in as a co-founder for leading the backend, which includes the IT and building of the CRM process to manage selling and buying process with all touch points being recorded and mapped. Kannan has around 10 years of corporate experience across companies like Apple, Infosys.

Our Team

Puhazenthi Ramachandran

CEO, Founder [email protected]

Kalai Puhazenthi

Chief - Financial & Marketing [email protected]

Kannan Sevugaperumal

Co-founder, Senior Technologist [email protected]

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