Danti / Nagadanti / Naga sanjivi, nagadanti / Kondu amathamu, nagamuthamu / Nagadanti, நாகதந்தி

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Common NameWild sultan seed, naga sanjeevi, நாக சஞ்சீவி
Botanical NameBaliospermum monatum
Tamil NameNagadanti, நாகதந்தி
Family NameEuphorbiaceae
KannadaNaga sanjivi, nagadanti
TeluguKondu amathamu, nagamuthamu

Plant details

Medicinal Uses

jaundice, constipation, piles, anemia, conjuctivitis. The roots are purgative, anthelmintic, carminative, rubefacient and anodyne. Used in abdominal pain, constipation, calculus, general anasarca, piles, helminthic infestation, scabies and skin disorders. Root paste is applied to painful swellings and piles. The leaves relieve asthma and seeds are used to cure snakebites.

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